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Online casinos offer some incentives to attract new players and keep existing players in the casino. Bonuses are the main criterion for players in deciding which online casino to play at. There are different types of online casino bonuses, each with its own benefits and conditions. Before you receive a bonus, you need to be familiar with the bonus, especially the terms of use.
In general, there are two categories of bonuses. STICKY & CASHABLE bonus. Sticky bonuses are free money lent out from the casino. You can use the sticky bonus to play your favorite games. If you win and meet your betting requirements, you will only be able to withdraw your winnings, not sticky bonuses. The casino will withdraw the bonus after your withdrawal. Withdrawable bonuses, on the other hand, are money that can be withdrawn with the winnings after meeting the stake requirements. Online casinos usually do not list bonus offers as sticky or redeemable on their promotion pages. You need to read the Terms of Service to know the bonus categories.
Aside from sticky or cashable bonuses, there are some common casino bonuses on the casino promotion page. The bonuses are:
No Deposit Bonus
No Deposit Bonus is provided free of charge by the casino. No need to deposit. You will need to register a real player account at a casino that does not offer a deposit bonus. Normally, bonuses are automatically credited to your player account, but at some online casinos, your account will be verified by confirmation email or after confirming your credit card and before the non-deposit bonus is credited to your account. May be required. Most deposit bonuses range from $ 10 to $ 100, depending on the casino. Some online casinos do not offer deposit bonuses in the form of free spins. This type of non-deposit bonus is usually offered for playing slots and video poker. As soon as you register your actual player account at the casino, you will receive a certain amount, such as a $ 500 free play bonus, or a few hours, such as 5 hours of free play time at the casino. There is a stake requirement for non-deposit bonuses that must be met before withdrawing the winnings.
Welcome Bonus / Sign Up
Online Casino rewards new players by offering a welcome bonus or sign up bonus. These bonuses are offered in the form of match bonuses based on the amount deposited by the new player. Online casinos usually match 100% to 200% on the first deposit, but some casinos can match up to 500% to attract more new players. Welcome bonuses can be combined with first-time deposits only or multiple first-time deposits, depending on the casino’s promotional strategy. Bonuses usually have a minimum and maximum deposit limit. Players must deposit an amount equal to the minimum deposit to qualify for the bonus. And the casino only matches the bonus with the maximum deposit. Halo69
Weekly and Monthly Deposit Bonus
Existing players will be rewarded for each deposit of funds into their account. These bonuses are typically offered in the form of weekly or monthly bonuses ranging from 25% to 50%.
Cashback Bonus
Some casinos will refund some of the losses during certain play hours in the form of cashback bonuses. It’s from 5%

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