American Pro Poker Format With Nearly $37 Million Lifetime Earnings

“[Loeliger] has been playing the biggest games on PokerStars for several years and has gone to a super high live roller,” Smith said. “Artur is a great player. Very aggressive. He put a big volume in it and the results are very good.”

Prior to 2011, the online poker community was vibrant, competitive and boasted of being up for grabs in every major draw at any of the major sites. Well, not many. A silver lining of this pandemic has been the return of prestige to some of the biggest series online.

“I think I’m not the right person to talk to,” Smith said. “I think I view poker a little less romantically than most. In terms of prestige, winning multiple tournaments is definitely cool. But in general, I believe that the more money, the more prestige. ”

In the end, there will always be players willing to bet for the highest stakes. It was never a real problem that these games died. The biggest threat is in the smaller stakes, where many lower and mid-level players are forced to gamble online after making a living in the brick-and-mortar world.

Given Smith’s limited view of the American online landscape, Halo69 these players shouldn’t have too many problems adapting. After a friend of Smith wanted to learn how to play, he started hearing about the $5 tournament hand histories.

“I can honestly say that I was surprised at how bad the game was. I feel like even the smaller games filled in enough, but there are a lot of players calling with 10-3 mismatched and so on.

That being said, he believes that the same players will not be able to achieve the same success online at the same stakes as they play in the casino.

“When you’re playing a live game, which is usually deep and very immersive, those skills may not be retained,” Smith said. “Let’s say you play $10 to $20 at a local casino and it’s a great place. You may not have room to win [at this level online. ”

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